Mckinsey Doha Office

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Customize here all required contact details of McKinsey & Company Doha Office, you can find phone number, address, email, fax and operational hours in these details. They deal in management solving issues, and you can also get the physical map location of the company after the given details.

Mckinsey Doha Office

Doha, Qatar Office Contact Details:

City Office:


QFC Branch 828 Al Fardan Office Tower PO Box 31316 West Bay Doha Qatar

Phone Number: 974 4410 1595

Fax: 974 4410 1754


About McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company, Inc. is an American multinational management consulting firm, and focuses are on solving the issues related to senior management. In 1926, this firm was developed in Chicago by James McKinsey as James O. McKinsey & Company. He was former accounting professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and considering as the father of managerial accounting. The firm serves their duties as an adviser to governments, businesses and institutions all over the world. During 1930s, the honor of this company hired Tom Kearney and Marvin Bower. Marshall Field’s became a client and convinced McKinsey to leave the firm to accept a temporary position in 1935 and become its Chairman and CEO to help the company through a restructuring. The remaining members took the decision to merge their company with accounting firm Scovell, Wellington & Company when McKinsey left company and creates the firm named McKinsey, Wellington & Co.

More About McKinsey

James O. McKinsey was died unexpectedly due to pneumonia in 1937, and that is the start of the division of McKinsey, Wellington & Company in 1939. The management engineering practice got divided into two affiliated firms: McKinsey & Company and McKinsey, Kearney & Company, which after time became known as A.T. Kearney. McKinsey & Company operations got handled by Guy Crockett, Dick Fletcher, and Marvin Bower. The company is then lead by Bower for almost thirty years, his focus is on being “professional” in looks, tone and conduct. He also developed the firms values and principles which lead the company on the way of success. In 1937 memo he made the firm’s core principles in New York. From Fortune Magazine: –

“A McKinsey consultant is supposed to put the interests of his client ahead of increasing The Firm’s revenues; he should keep his mouth shut about his client’s affairs; he should tell the truth and not be afraid to challenge a client’s opinion, and he should only agree to perform work that he feels is both necessary and something McKinsey can do well. Along with the professional code, Bower insisted on professional, as opposed to business, language, which is why McKinsey is always The Firm, never the company; jobs are engagements, and The Firm has a practice, not a business.”

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